“Professional, efficient, and most of all, kind.  Every single employee that I came into contact with had excellent customer service.  They are knowledgeable as well. You don’t want to have a lice problem, but if you do, this is the place to go.”

HeatherLong Beach


Our Torrance and Los Alamitos clinics are award-winning, medical based professional head lice removal clinics.  Our proven 3-step treatment process has a 99%+ effective rate.  We also provide an optional 30-day lice free service on all AirAllé Signature Treatments.  If the person we treated gets head lice for any reason at all within 30 days of our AirAllé Signature Treatment and you have met the conditions of our optional 30 day lice-free service* we will treat that person again for free!

*For your protection, all immediate family members living full-time or part-time with the person that we treated must be head screened and/or treated

Lice Clinics of America South Bay-Torrance is the exclusive AirAllé operator for the following cities: Carson, Compton, Gardena, Harbor City, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lomita, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, San Pedro, South Gate, Torrance, Wilmington and surrounding areas.

 2050 Artesia Blvd. Suite #103

Torrance, CA 90504


Lice Clinics of America-Los Alamitos is the exclusive AirAllé operator for the following cities:  Artesia, Bellflower, Buena Park, Cerritos, Cypress, Downey,  Hawaiian Gardens, La Palma, Lakewood, La Mirada, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Norwalk, Pico Rivera, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, Whittier and surrounding areas.

 4012 Katella Ave. Suite #104

Los Alamitos, CA 90720


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Did you just discover that your child has head lice? Don’t panic. We can end your lice infestation today.

Had it with pesticide lice treatments that do not work and are very high in chemical content? Over-the-counter (OTC) lice treatments are now widely considered ineffective against head lice. The most recent research, published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, found that head lice in all 48 continental states have muted and are now resistant to the chemicals in OTC lice treatment products.


Although there are many products out there that might be able to end the life of live lice some of the time, savvy parents know that getting rid of the lice eggs (nits) is the hardest part of an effective lice treatment.   Lice eggs have a shell that product simply cannot penetrate.  If you do not pick out or dehydrate every single egg the lice life cycle and your infestation can continue for days, weeks, months, or even years.


Another critical fact to know is that lice is a family affair. All immediate family members are at high risk for getting lice. 50% of the people treated at our Los Alamitos and Torrance clinics are children ages 5-17 but the other 50% we treat are older siblings and parents of the infested person-usually moms.


Our Los Alamitos and Torrance clinics have successfully treated families representing over 500 different schools and 125 different cities from all over the Southern California region. We look forward to having the opportunity to get your family lice free today and turn what can be a very stressful event in your life into a pleasant and memorable customer service experience.

technician letting little girl feel head from device on head


powered by the AirAllé Medical Device

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.59.19 PM

Lice Clinics of America South Bay-Torrance and Lice Clinics of America-Los Alamitos are family owned and part of the largest network of lice clinics in the world. Our two clinics are the exclusive regional operators of the AirAllé – (pronounced air-a-lay) medical device. This FDA-cleared medical device treats head lice and their eggs in one single treatment using controlled, warm air to dehydrate both lice and their eggs.  This professional lice device is operated by our trained and certified head-lice technicians and has performed over 250,000 successful head lice treatments.

Our entire 3-step Signature process is both chemical-free and kid-friendly!

Two certified technicians performing AirAllé treatments

Get back to school!

Get back to work!

Get back to your life!

Customer Testimonial-6th Grade Girl

“Thank you for all your support and dedication in helping our students and our school district. I have personally been able to see how your service impacts our student’s lives.”

Enice Sankey-School District Nurse

Recommended Treatment Option by Pediatricians and Schools Nurses


-Owned and operated by Marlene Weiss, Doctorate of Nursing with over 20 years of healthcare experience in the Southern California region

-Pediatrician Endorsed and Recommended

-Member, American Academy of Pediatrics

-School Nurse Endorsed and Recommended

-Member, National Association of School Nurses

-Mother Approved


Customer Testimonial-Mother

Payment Options

-All major credit cards are accepted

-All FSA/HSA cards are accepted

*(Flexible Spending Account/Health Savings Account)

-Reimbursement from some insurance plans. We provide you with all insurance codes for you to give directly to your insurance for reimbursement

-Personal checks are not accepted


Detailed descriptions of our pricing and service options are in both the pricing and the services & treatments sections of our web site. 

First appointment available 9:30 am 7 days a week. Last scheduled appointment on weekdays is 5:30 pm and 4:00 pm on weekends.  Extended clinic hours 7 days a week.  Advanced $25 per person deposit for appointments requested before 9:30 am or after 5:30 (weekdays) and 4:00 pm (weekends).

Same day appointments are available 7 days a week. All appointments must be booked within 48 hours of requested time.  Appointments requested more than 48 hours in advance require a $25 per person advanced deposit.

Treatment options for every budget:

  1. Do-It-Yourself Urgent Care Kit-$69
  2. AirAlle Express Treatment-$145
  3. AirAlle Signature Treatment-$195

*Teachers and military members receive a $10 discount for Signature treatment

**AirAlle Signature Treatment, 3 or more treatments for immediate family members-$175 per treatment

Comprehensive head screenings:

1. Head Screen, No Treatment-$25

Head screen charge is waived if treatment option is chosen

2. Immediate Family Member of person being treated-$20

Immediate family member head screens include application of our chemical-free active rinse as an additional preventative step. Head screen charge is waived if treatment is needed

3.  Peace of Mind Head Screen, Post Treatment-$15

No follow-up head screen is required, necessary, or included in our Express or Signature Treatments however we are happy to provide one if desired within 30 days of treatment. If lice is found during the peace of mind head screen and you met the conditions of our 30 day lice free guarantee, the charge for the peace of mind head screen is $0 and we will retreat the person for free

-CERTIFIED head lice technicians

-PRIVATE treatment rooms

-NO waiting, by appointment only

-NO Chemicals or Pesticides

-NO hourly rates

-PREVENTATIVE products available for purchase

-Summer Camp on-site head screening and treatment programs

-In home, we come to you treatment available

Female human head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis.

AirAllé successful lice treatment

The AirAllé Medical Device uses controlled, heated air at just the right temperature to dehydrate lice and their eggs.  Lice egg (left) before our treatment.  Lice egg (right) after our treatment. Similar to boiling an egg, the lice egg is now dehydrated, dead, not viable, and will no longer hatch.



“Thank you for being so caring and putting my daughters at ease from the very beginning.  You made a stressful situation very easy.”

BethManhattan Beach

“After months of trying different products to get rid of these disgusting little critters from multiplying, we finally found our miracle! The technicians made us feel right at home, the treatment was fast and easy.  Definitely recommend this service for all who are a victim of lice.”


“It’s amazing to have a clinic do this for me! The lice love my youngest daughter and to have the peace of mind is worth it!”

BrandyRedondo Beach

“Super friendly staff and inviting environment for the kids!”


“We had a wonderful experience since the time we first called until we left the clinic.  The staff was kind and the treatment was fast. The technicians were very patient and made my daughter feel secure while doing her treatment.  This is an OUTSTANDING business.”

“We had a great experience!  All five of us were treated the same day we called.  The environment was very professional and clean. The technicians were caring, informative, and very understanding.”
RobSan Pedro

“Ami me gusto la clinica por su servicio que le dan las personas muy a tenta y sobretodo el tratamiento. Que le asen a unon para retitar las liendres y puojos yo meboy muy contenta de este servicio nos bamos felizes gracias muchas gracias.”



Featured on CBS News

Featured on “The Doctors”

Customer Testimonial-Children

Customer Testimonial-4th Grade Boy

How Can I Get Head Lice?

Symptoms of Head Lice

Do I Have Head Lice?

What Color Are Lice?

How Long Can Lice Live?

Lice Resistance

Lice Life Cycle

Lice Eggs

Which Lice Treatment Is Best?

Can Lice Survive Off the Body?

Would you like to learn more about our revolutionary process?

Our Commitment to you and your family:  Happiness and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Happiness and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our #1 priority is your family. We stand by our service 100%. If you are not satisfied we are not satisfied. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Whatever it takes. We are here to serve you.

How do you get head lice? How to treat head lice? How do you end a head lice infestation? What is the best way to treat a head lice infestation? No more need to google search these questions. You have found the solution.

We treat your lice infestation without lice shampoo, chemicals, or pesticides in a single treatment that is safe, fast, and effective.

We are glad you found our clinic and encourage you to spend time on our web site reviewing our video and media libraries so you can educate yourself on head lice and our treatment process.  

If you or you family has lice call our customer care team at 800.920.5423 to schedule an appointment or complete our appointment request form and we will text you back to confirm your appointment time.

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