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“Professional, efficient, and most of all, kind.  Every single employee that I came into contact with had excellent customer service.  They are knowledgeable as well. You don’t want to have a lice problem, but if you do, this is the place to go.”

Heather-Elementary School Teacher/MomLong Beach

We can end your head lice infestation in about 1 hour. 0% Stress. 100% Guaranteed. Watch this video to see how.

4012 Katella Ave. Suite #104-Los Alamitos

So grateful for the Los Alamitos location!!! My nightmare of my kids getting lice came true. In a frantic panic I instantly called and the gentleman on the phone was so sweet and calmed me right away and talked me through what I thought was going to be an awful process of getting rid of the bugs. He was able to get my entire family an appointment to be screened. Once we were at the clinic the girls working were so welcoming and sweet. Again calming me right down from my nightmare. The girls were so wonderful with my kids and made the situation I was dreading, a breeze. They were super informative and answered any of my thousands of questions I had. Plus knowing we are walking out 100% lice free with a 30 day guarantee made my momma heart at ease even more. Highly recommend this place if you happen to get the “bug.”

MarenSeal Beach


2050 Artesia Blvd. Suite #103-Torrance

“Highly recommend the South Bay location. They were gentle with my 7 year old.  My kid is worth it. It was the worth the time and money to be assured we’re good and we can go back to school with proof.”

Jessica Manhattan Beach

Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos and Lice Clinics of America South Bay-Torrance are award winning, medical based professional head lice treatment centers.

We are part of the largest networks of lice removal clinics in the world, including over 200 clinics in the United States.

Our clinics have met the rigorous standards of Lice Clinics of America to ensure that all patients receive the highest level of care.  All of our technicians have been trained and certified to use our exclusive, FDA-cleared, lice treatment medical device, called AirAllé.  This revolutionary device kills lice and their eggs in about 1 hour. Our treatment success rate is 99%+. Your family will leave our clinic lice free.

Our two clinics are family owned and operated by Dr. Marlene Weiss,  mother of 3 children and a medical professional with over 20 years of Healthcare experience in the Southern California region. Our staff includes highly trained certified head lice technicians.

Lice do not know age, income, day of the week, time of the year, or what you do for a living.  They do not know and do not care if you have had lice before or if you have never had lice before.  Lice eggs are the size of a grain of sand and an adult louse is the size of a sesame seed. You are looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lice size compared to dime

Lice on a Dime

Treating  your own children can work-but it takes time, patience, and accuracy.  Lice eggs hatch within 5-7 days and adult lice lay 6-8 eggs every day for about 2 1/2 weeks so if you miss one lice egg, your lice infestation will continue for days, weeks, months or even years. Even if you can treat your own children, treating yourself is a huge challenge.  50% of the people we treat are children, but the other 50% we treat are adults, usually moms.

Our two head lice clinics have successfully treated families representing over 800 different school and 65 different cities.  We exist to solve your problem today and are committed to safely removing head lice so your family can get back to your lives as quickly as possible. We promise to do that without the use of toxic chemicals.

Our clinics are the exclusive regional providers of the AirAllé Medical device which allows us to offer a proven, single treatment option so effective that you do not have to come back for a follow-up visit and backed by our optional 30 day-lice free service. We also offer the traditional comb-out service and sell a variety of preventative and treatment head lice products.


Want to learn more about our proven medical based process that has a 99%+ success rate? Watch this video for a walk through of our Head Screen and 3 Step Treatment Process


Sleep well at night! We provide an optional 30-day lice-free service on all AirAllé Signature Treatments.  If the person we treated gets head lice again for any reason at all within 30 days of receiving our Signature Treatment and you have met the conditions of our optional 30-day lice free service * we will treat the person again for free!

Our Los Alamitos and Torrance clinics are the exclusive regional operators of the AirAllé® (pronounced air-a-lay) medical device.  The AirAllé device is used by lice-removal professionals around the world to provide a safe, fast and highly effective lice treatment.  This is an FDA-cleared kid friendly medical device that kills head lice and 99%+ of lice eggs in a single, one-hour treatment. No follow-up is required.


AirAllé® Signature Treatment: Our most requested treatment option.  This consists of one treatment in about 1 hour and we guarantee the patient will leave lice free. This treatment uses our exclusive FDA-cleared medical device, provides a complete comb-out, and application of our chemical free active rinse.  There is no follow-up required and this treatment option also comes with our optional 30 day lice free service.*

Step 1: AirAllé®
Lice and their eggs are primarily composed of water.  Our certified head lice technicians follow a specific 30 minute pattern with the AirAllé medical device. This devise uses warm, controlled heated air at just the right constant temperature for just the right amount of time and with just the right amount of air flow to dehydrate the lice eggs.  After following the 15 step pattern, the lice eggs will now be dead, dehydrated, and no longer viable. They can no longer hatch.

AirAllé successful lice treatment

Lice egg before (left) and dehydrated after an AirAllé Treatment (right)

Step 2: Professional Comb Out

The second step in our treatment process is a comprehensive comb-out of the dead, dehydrated eggs. The time of the comb-out time ranges from about 30-45 minutes and depends on the length of hair and level of infestation.

Step 3:  Active Rinse Application

The final step in our Signature treatment process is to apply our chemical free active rinse to suffocate any live lice that might have survived the first two steps of our process. This is an additional preventative step.  Our active rinse kills live lice in 7 minutes or less by plugging their nostrils. This step takes about 10 minutes.

a post-treatment rinse using dimethicone oil

Get back to school!

Get back to work!

Get back to your life!

*Qualifying for our optional 30-day lice free service:   For your protection, in order to make sure all family members are lice free, all immediate family members living full-time or part-time with the person that we treated must be head screened and have our chemical free active rinse applied or treated within 24 hours after treatment in order to qualify for our optional 30-day lice-free service.

Appointment Scheduling: We take same day appointments 7 days a week. First appointments on the weekend are 9am and on the weekdays typically 10:30am.  Last appointments on weekdays are typically 5pm and on weekends 3pm.

Appointments can be scheduled by phone call, text, or by completing our online request form. All appointments are scheduled within 24 hours or less of your desired appointment day/time. For any appointments requested more than 24 hours in advance a $25 per person appointment retainer deposit is required.  The appointment retainer deposit is credited towards your head screen or treatment provided to you.

Head Screen and Treatment Options for Every Budget

We offer a full range of head lice treatments. From our full one-and-done, exclusive procedure to our Do-It-Yourself products, we have treatments to match every budget and need.

Please review our Services & Treatments Section or Pricing Section for a more detailed review of our treatment and head screen options.

Head Screen Options:

1) Treatment provided: $0

2) No Lice/No Treatment: $25

3) Immediate family member: $20

-Includes application of chemical free active rinse

Treatment Options For Every Budget:

1) Do-It-Yourself Kit: $69

-Includes Nit Comb, Active Rinse, Comb-Out Mousse

2) Traditional Manual Comb-Out-$85 per hour

-No medical device

-Not eligible for optional 30-day guarantee unless under the age of 3 and other family members have been treated with the AirAllé

3) AirAllé Express (40 minutes): $145

For the more budget minded and those patients that have a mild infestation as determined by our technicians, we perform the professional heated-air treatment and apply our chemical free active rinse. The parent handles the comb-out of the dead, dehydrated eggs.

-30 minute medical device treatment

-Stainless Steel Nit Comb

-Application of chemical free active rinse

-Because we do not control the entire process, our optional 30 day lice free service is not available with this option.

-Those patients that have a moderate or severe infestation as determined by our technicians are not eligible for this option.

-Because we do not comb out all of the dead, dehydrated eggs at the clinic we do not provide a certificate of treatment

4) AirAllé Signature (90 minutes): $195

-30 minute medical device treatment

-30 to 45 minute comb-out of dead, dehydrated eggs

-Application of chemical free active rinse

-Optional 30 day day lice free service

-No follow-up required

-Certificate of Treatment Provided

-$10 discount for teachers, educators, military

-$175 per person for 3 treatments or more



Head lice and our Treatment Process Featured on NBC The Doctors. Watch the segment now.


Podemos terminar su infestación de piojos en aproximadamente 1 hora. 0% de estrés. 100% Garantizado.  Mire este video para ver cómo.


Nuestra clinica de Torrance presentada en las noticias de  Univision Noticias

Mira la historia ahora!


Our Torrance clinic profiled on Univision News

Watch the story now!

Would you like to learn more about our revolutionary process?

“Thank you for all your support and dedication in helping our students and our school district. I have personally been able to see how your service impacts our student’s lives.”

Enice Sankey-School District Nurse

Payment Options

Reimbursement from insurance. We provide you with all the insurance treatment codes and the receipt for you to give directly to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Please call our customer care team if you would like the codes prior to treatment so you can confirm with your insurance provider if they reimburse for our treatment.

-FSA/HSA Cards Accepted

*(Flexible Spending Account/Health Savings Account)

-Cash accepted

-All major credit cards

Our Commitment to you and your family:  Happiness and Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Happiness and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our #1 priority is your family. We stand by our service 100%. If you are not satisfied we are not satisfied. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Whatever it takes. We are here to serve you.

How do you get head lice? How to treat head lice? How do you end a head lice infestation? What is the best way to treat a head lice infestation? No more need to google search these questions. You have found the solution.

We treat your lice infestation without lice shampoo, chemicals, or pesticides in a single treatment that is safe, fast, and effective.

We are glad you found our clinic and encourage you to spend time on our web site reviewing our video and media libraries so you can educate yourself on head lice and our treatment process.  

If you or you family has lice call our customer care team at 800.920.5423 to schedule an appointment or complete our appointment request form and we will text you back to confirm your appointment time.


Customer Testimonial-6th Grade Girl

Customer Testimonial-Mom

Just Some of our over 500 Google+ and YELP! Customer Reviews

“As a mom, this is an emotional situation. I felt like crying when I found my daughter’s first bug, but three weeks later she was worse!  You think over-the-counted works?  Think again!  So, when I walked into the Torrance clinic I didn’t think her bugs traveled to my head, but they did. We were both infected by lice eggs. What a disaster I thought. Well, I’m so happy we came here. I wish I had come three weeks earlier when I found that first bug in her hair. There is a misconception that only dirty folks get these bugs. WRONG!  Anyone can get these bugs.  I left here so happy and RELIEVED!  The ladies were gentle and educate you on why we get these bugs and how to stay away from them.”

EvangelinaRedondo Beach
“Should have done this from the start. Feel much better about our ordeal now and I’m confident we have resolved the issue. The staff was very nice and made me and my children comfortable.”
RonaldLong Beach

“It’s amazing to have a clinic do this for me! The lice love my youngest daughter and to have the peace of mind is worth it!”


“It is so awesome they have this service!  I have no confidence in the over the counter lice medication since they do not kill the eggs. This treatment was comfortable and easy to do. Thank you so much.”

StacyRancho Palos Verdes

“I love that they got my daughter in right away.  Treatment done on the spot. Lifesavers!”

TheresaLos Alamitos

“We were dealing with a lice infestation for way too long and finally found out about this place.  They were great! What a relief to be lice free!”

MarieSeal Beach

Lice Clinics Los Alamitos-South Bay Torrance

Lice Education Videos

“We were referred by my pediatrician and they got us in the same day. My family and I had the best experience ever here. Everyone was so helpful. They take care of you!”
DanielleManhattan Beach

“Came here after dealing with lice issues for several weeks (and not getting rid of them).  They were able to get my son in immediately and treat him and my family the same day.   The process was quick and painless.  I would most definitely come back, if necessary.”

StephanieLong Beach
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