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Selfie Tips

National Selfie Day was June 21, and Lice Clinics of America wants families to know that while selfies can be fun, they’ve also been linked to an increase in cases of head lice. A pediatrician recently coined the term “social media lice” because she was seeing so many teenagers with head lice, and she linked […]

How to Tell If You Have Head Lice

Head lice are tiny insects that live in hair. They only live on the human scalp.  Nits are empty egg cases attached to the hair that head lice hatch from.  Head lice are a common problem. They are largely harmless, but can live in the hair for a long time if not treated and can […]

Lice Tips For School Breaks

School breaks—summer, winter, and spring—are peak lice times as kids spend more unstructured time together. Demand spikes every break because kids go back to school with head lice. Here are some tips for head lice prevention and treatment to keep lice out of families or to get them out of the house as quickly as possible. […]

Siblings and Head Lice

The closer in age siblings are, the more likely it is for them to spread lice to one another.  Our statistics show that siblings get lice about 70% of the time when there is a lice infestation in the family.   That’s because siblings close in age are likely to spend more time together and […]

No, You Don’t Have To Burn Down Your House When You Have Head Lice

You may have heard of parents frantically cleaning their home after discovering a child has head lice—washing every linen, shampooing pets, bagging and quarantining pillows and stuffed animals for weeks, even throwing away things for fear of contamination. These steps aren’t all necessary and understanding how lice live and spread can give you peace of […]

Housecleaning Advice and Tips

HOUSECLEANING ADVICE AND TIPS A common misconception about treating people and homes that have had contact with lice is that the only way to get them out of the house is to put everything in the home that is made of any type of fabric in plastic bags for two weeks and have the furniture […]

How to Stay Lice Free in 2019

How to Stay Lice Free in 2019 For decades, the standard of care for head lice has focused on reactive treatment using pesticide-based products.  Head lice has been associated with poor hygiene or dirty homes and has had mortified parents treating the nuisance in secret, often to no avail,” said Marla Weiss, owner of Lice […]

Hollywood Stars Caught with Head Lice

Our clinics have treated Olympic Gold Medalists, Principals, famous lawyers, and professional athletes. Hollywood stars seem to be in a class all their own. Glamorous makeup artists, personal stylists and hairdressers even make them appear much more beautiful and refined than everyday, normal people. Think of some of your most loved actors and actresses. What […]

Head Lice Symptoms

Head lice. Just thinking about the icky bugs can cause your scalp to itch. If your school or daycare center has notified you that lice have been detected, you’ll want to check your child (and yourself) immediately. Here are some of the signs that your child might have head lice. If your child is scratching […]

How to Identify Head Lice

How to Identify Head Lice “One of the biggest reasons that head lice spread among children is silence,” Marlene Weiss, owner of Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos-Torrance explains. “Parents don’t talk about it, and they are unprepared when they discover their child has head lice, and often waste a lot of time and money […]

Who Feels Bullied Because of Head Lice? Parents!

Who Feels Bullied Because of Head Lice? Parents! October is National Bullying Prevention month, and while the focus is rightly on the treatment of children, parents can feel bullied, too, especially when it comes to having head lice in the family. A OnePoll survey of 2,000 U.S. parents—conducted in conjunction with Lice Clinics of America—found […]

End The Lice-Mare Today

It’s no secret that ridding a family of head lice can be stressful and time consuming—a nightmare that some have called a “lice-mare.” Most home lice treatments require repeated applications, tedious comb-outs and nitpicking, with no guarantee of success. If one nit is missed, the lice will return. Lice Clinics of America® offers an immediate, […]

Unexpected Ways You Can Get Head Lice

11 Unexpected Ways You Can Get Head Lice You know that lice can spread quickly—but do you know how and where? Here are the actual ways the tiny parasites travel from person to person. Attending a family reunion Family get-togethers are wonderful, but they are also a great excuse for relatives to squeeze together for […]

What To Tell Other Parents

Parents don’t like to talk about lice because of all the false stereotypes associated with lice. “only poor people get lice.”  “only dirty people get lice.”  Everyone likes to blame the school for being “dirty.” That’s a shame, because communication is one of the most effective ways to prevent lice outbreaks. Also, just about every […]

Sending Your Child Back to School After They Have Lice

This Is When You Can Send Your Child Back to School After They Have Lice August 9, 2018 by Angela Anagnost-Repke “Your child has lice.” These are words that every parent dreads. Just the thought of lice on anyone’s head makes me itch all over my body and want to take a match to my […]

Lice: Talking with the School

The best time to talk to school officials about head lice is before there is an outbreak in the school—like at the beginning of school year—when no one is in a state of crisis. Schools have been dealing with head lice for decades and most have a procedure for dealing with outbreaks. Find out what […]

Preventative Steps to Avoid Getting Lice

What are some preventative steps to take in order to avoid a lice infestation in the future? CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT Head lice cannot hop, jump, or fly. They only crawl. To reduce the chances of getting head lice from another person or from items that may have lice on them, we recommend you: 1) Avoid head-to-head […]

25 Chemicals in Lice Products Linked to Health Problems in Children

25Chemicals in Lice Products Linked to Health Problems in Children Pyrethroids are a class of chemicals used in insecticides, including the most popular head lice medications. A new study in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports what many had feared for decades—that “exposure to certain pyrethroids, at environmental levels, may negatively affect neurobehavioral development by […]

What are Super Lice?

What are Super Lice? Not so super after all! “Super lice” means lice that have developed resistance to pesticides used for killing them. It is a term coined by the media in 2015 after published research showed strains of head lice had developed resistance to pyrethroids, the type of pesticide used in over-the-counter lice treatments. Expanded research […]

Press Enterprise: Why a Brush with lice may be getting more common

Why a brush with lice may be getting more common A male human head louse.   By David Downey | ddowney@scng.com | The Press-Enterprise January 5, 2017 at 10:41 pm It was a baffling and – downright gross – discovery. Just before Thanksgiving, Dan and Sandi Cuellar found lice living in 4-year-old daughter Alegria’s thick, […]

Hollywood Leading Stars Caught With Head Lice

Hollywood’s Leading Stars Caught with Head Lice! Hollywood stars seem to be in a class all their own. Glamorous makeup artists, personal stylists and hairdressers even make them appear much more beautiful and refined than everyday, normal people. Think of some of your most loved actors and actresses. What would you think if you heard […]

Laundry Cleaning

LaundryWhen you’ve had head lice in your home, it is important to properly clean the clothing, bedding and other materials the person with lice has been in contact with. Here is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended laundry procedure: “Machine wash and dry clothing, bed linens, and other items that the infested […]

Why School Lice Letters Aren’t the Answer

Why School Lice Letters Aren’t the Answer March 11, 2018/by lcalaurie They are two of the most common questions among frustrated parents; why don’t schools send lice letters home, and why are students with lice allowed in school? While some school districts in Central Wisconsin continue to send students home, as well as notify other […]

What to Tell Your Kids

When your child is sent home from school because he or she has head lice, the first thing you should say is, “You didn’t do anything wrong.” (You should say this to yourself as well!) It’s true. If your child comes home from school and says that another kid in school has lice, you can […]

Lice Guide for Hair Stylists

Lice Guide for Hair Stylists In most states, cosmetology regulations make it against the law to cut or style the hair of someone with head lice. Yet stylists are reporting more and more cases of head lice in their salons, which can be due to the fact that most lice are now resistant to the […]

What Parents Say: Head Lice Myths Prevail

If you want to know how parents feel about lice in their households, take a look at this collection of Twitter posts collected by Huffington Post parenting editor Caroline Bologna. Called “47 Tweets From Parents That Sum Up The Nightmare Of Lice Outbreaks,” the article features copies of tweets that range from the horrifying to […]

What Do Lice Look Like?

Lice are hard to see, and sometimes seeing is in the eye of the beholder. This means parents that don’t want to see head lice on their child’s head often take a quick glance and assume everything is ok. On the other hand, parents that have dealt with head lice before and that are very […]

Winter Lice Prevention – Tips for Preventing a Winter Lice Infestation

Winter Lice Prevention – Tips for Preventing a Winter Lice Infestation Back to school time II—the January one when kids come back from vacations to school and day care—usually coincides with another lice outbreak in many communities.  This is partially because families exchange more than presents over the holidays.  Close contact with family members near […]

Where Do Head Lice Come From?

Where do Head Lice Come from? If you’ve ever encountered head lice in your family, you may know that lice afflict some 6-12 million people—mostly children—each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lice are a serious problem and they never seem to go away. So you may wonder, where did […]

What You Need to Know About Over The Counter Lice Shampoos

The most common over-the-counter lice treatment products use pyrethrin, an industrial insecticide used to kill lice. Natural pyrethrin is a derivative of the Chrysanthemum flower. Its synthetic equivalent is permethrin. Together the chemicals are referred to as pyrethroids. There are some 3,500 products that use pyrethroids in varying concentrations, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. […]

Halloween Costumes Could Give You Head Lice

Healthcare professionals are warning that people could get an unexpected scare when shopping for their Halloween costumes this year. Doctors have reported an increase in head lice at this time of year and surprisingly, it’s not just because it’s back to school season. Instead, experts say that the biggest cause is in fact Halloween costume […]

¿Cómo se enfrenta la batalla contra los piojos en las escuelas?

  http://www.univision.com/los-angeles/kmex/noticias/salud/como-se-enfrenta-la-batalla-contra-los-piojos-en-las-escuelas-video   Cada año son entre 6 a 10 millones de casos, la mayoría en menores de edad, que terminan infestados de estos parásitos que se alimentan cada 2 a 3 horas de sangre del cuero cabelludo, y que viven hasta 30 días en la cabeza. Los piojos son insectos parásitos sin alas. Viven […]

Head Lice and Laundry: Post Treatment

When you’ve had head lice in your home, it is important to properly clean the clothing, bedding and other materials the person with lice has been in contact with. Here is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended laundry procedure: “Machine wash and dry clothing, bed linens, and other items that the infested […]

Can Mayonnaise Kill Lice?

As you have found out when searching online for remedies to eliminate head lice, you’ll find all sorts of products and recommendations—from traditional lice remedies available at drug stores, to online-only alternative products, to home remedies using common household products. One of the most commonly recommended household products is mayonnaise. That’s right. Some parents suggest spreading your favorite […]

Is it Head Lice or Dandruff?

Is it Head Lice or Dandruff? A 2000 study by researchers at the Laboratory of Public Health Entomology at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) found that healthcare workers, parents, and school officials often misdiagnose and inappropriately medicate head lice infestations. Parents are left scratching their heads, is it head lice or dandruff? The […]

Lice At Summer Camps

Lice at Summer Camp? Ah, summer camp. You probably picture your child going on hikes, swimming, sailing, singing around the campfire, and enjoying s’mores. You probably aren’t thinking about head lice. Here are helpful tips on how to prevent lice at summer camp. According to the American Camp Association (ACA), “Every year, one of the […]

Cleaning the house-not as bad as you think!

A common misconception about treating people and homes that have had contact with lice is that the only way to get them out of the house is to put everything in the home that is made of any type of fabric in plastic bags for two weeks and have the furniture and carpets cleaned. Not […]

6 Emotional Stages of Lice

1. SHATTERED INNOCENCE:  You receive a lice notices by email from your school.  Your daughters best friend’s mom calls to tell you that her daughter has lice.  The head of the girl scout troop sends out an email letting you know 5 of the girls have lice. 2. DENIAL: “This doesn’t happen at our school.” “We wash our hair every day.” […]

Top 4 Reasons Your Head Lice Infestation Will Not Go Away

Top 4 Reasons A Person’s Head Lice Infestation Will Not Go Away Prior to Getting Treated at Our Clinic and Leaving Lice Free: 1) Over-the-counter treatments like RID and NIX do not work. Lice have mutated and have developed a resistance to the chemicals in those products 2) Nitpicking (picking by hand) is subject to […]

Understanding Head Lice and How Lice Survive

Understanding Head Lice When a family is afflicted with head lice, there is a tendency to panic. Dealing with head lice can be frightening and stressful, primarily because people don’t tend to talk about how to treat head lice until they are dealing with them, which is when they are frantic and frustrated. Understanding head […]

Head Lice Screening: Don’t blame the schools or the school nurses!

  Many school districts will have 3-4 school nurses to oversee 10,000+ kids.  The average school nurse is in charge of daily health management of children with chronic health issues such as diabetes, asthma, cerebral palsy, seizures, heart conditions, food allergies, and mental health conditions. Then throw in the feeding and toileting issues, giving medications, monitoring for disease outbreak, handing […]

Winter Lice Prevention

Winter Lice Prevention Back to school time II—the January one when kids come back from vacations to day care and school—usually coincides with another lice outbreak in many communities, especially in colder parts of the country where people wear heavy clothing that isn’t washed often.That’s because kids share hats, scarves, and coats more frequently when […]

South Bay Daily Breeze: New Torrance Clinic Fights Increasingly Hard-To-Kill Lice

New Torrance clinic fights increasingly hard-to-kill lice   After killing remaining lice eggs with heat, the hair is micro-combed to remove dead eggs. The lice clinic recently opened in Torrance. Photo by Brad Graverson/SCNG/The Daily Breeze/12-30-16 By Sandy Mazza, Daily Breeze Posted: 01/02/17, 5:08 PM PST | A technician does an initial inspection on a […]

Pesticides are for plants, this is what kills lice!

  Find out about a proven head lice treatment Pesticides are for plants, mayonnaise is for sandwiches, this is what kills lice! Options for Treating Head Lice When it comes to treating head lice, there have traditionally been three options: medications sold at drugstores; natural or home remedies recommended by other parents; and plain old […]

Consumer Reports Challenges Pesticide Lice Treatments

Pesticide Lice Treatments Ineffective? Over-the-counter (OTC) lice treatments are now widely considered ineffective against head lice. The most recent research, published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, found that head lice in 42 states are 100 percent resistant to OTC lice treatment products. The watchdogs at Consumer Reports have questioned (1) why these products, marketed […]

What do lice and nits look like in the hair?

  Ever wondered what live lice and nits (lice eggs) look like in the hair? This video answers our most popular question… How can I tell if it’s lice? You’ll see many nits and even see live lice crawling through the hair! Watch for our tip to tell the difference between dandruff and nits.

Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos and South Bay Owner: From Lice Victim To Lice Fighter!

Lice Clinic Owner Turns from Lice Victim to Lice Fighter For Lice Clinic of America owner Marla Weiss, the battle against head lice is both personal and professional. “In January, 2015, all three of our children along with me were infested at the same time,” she recalls. “I spent over three weeks trying to get […]

Head lice outbreaks in camp settings cause substantial burden on kids, staff

Head lice outbreaks in camp settings cause substantial burden on kids, staff Summer camps more likely to have ‘no nit’ policies that send campers home, despite evidence they are not effective Date: October 21, 2016 Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Summary: New research finds that lice can be the end of a happy summer for many kids at […]

Los Alamitos Clinic Owner Opens South Bay Clinic

Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos Owner Opens New Treatment Center in South Bay Clinic Provides Guaranteed, One-and-Done Lice Treatments Using FDA-Cleared Medical Device TORRANCE, CA–(Marketwired – October 11, 2016) – Head lice infamously cause stress, disgust and embarrassment for millions of parents whose kids get infested each year. But thanks to the opening of […]

Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Los Alamitos Award For Second Consecutive Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Los Alamitos Award Los Alamitos, September 09, 2016 — Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Los Alamitos Award in the Lice Services category by the Best Businesses of Los Alamitos Award Program. […]

Enterevistar Hoy Los Angeles con Marlene Espino Weiss

Orgullosa de quitar piojos y liendres: “Hay mucha demanda”, dice inmigrante Orgullosa de quitar piojos y liendres: “Hay mucha demanda”, dice inmigrante Cortesía Actualmente, 5 de cada 10 millones de niños a nivel nacional pierden escuela cada año por este problema, la segunda razón de ausencias enseguida del catarro en primer lugar. Actualmente, 5 de […]

INC Magazine Article: New Technology Kills Super Lice Without Chemicals

http://www.inc.com/kate-l-harrison/a-new-technology-kills-super-lice-without-chemicals.html By Kate L. Harrison INC Magazine July 28, 2016 Meet the ingenious company combating a 25-million-year-old pest problem naturally. Lice! It’s a word that sends terror into the hearts of parents everywhere. It makes you itch just to hear it. Lice have been plaguing us and our primate ancestors for 25 million years. In fact, […]

Lice-Tips for Summer Camps

  Head Lice – Tips for Sumer Camps  Source: American Camp Association So called “super lice” have been reported in 25 states.  Researchers at the University of Illinois – Edwardsville have reported that lice populations in at least 25 states have developed resistance to over-the-counter treatments still widely recommended by doctors.  Every year, one of the […]

Enjoy Extended Hours Lice Removal in Los Alamitos

At Lice Clinics of America Los Alamitos, we believe urgent care for head lice removal should be available to all families in the community we serve-which is why our Los Alamitos, California urgent care head lice clinic is open seven days a week with extended/after hours every day.  Lice do not know day of the week […]

Head Lice Facts

Head Lice Facts The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that 6-12 million people get head lice in the US each year. Contrary to some myths, lice are just as likely to infest a clean head as they are a dirty one. While the thought of bugs in a child’s hair may be upsetting – there’s […]

Video Fox News-Revolutionary Approach to Killing Super Lice

3/26/16 There’s a new strain of head lice that are now being called “super lice.”  An outbreak has occurred in at least 25 states.  What makes them “Super” is not their size, but the fact that they’re 100% resistant to any over the counter treatment that has been thrown at them. Parents are becoming frustrated, […]

Super Lice Take Over Half the Country, Including California

ABC News Sacramento February 16, 2016 So-called super lice have taken over half the country and are resistant to over-the-counter treatments. Last year, Shannon Lesnevich received the call from her son’s school. Four-year-old Soren had gotten lice from one of his classmates. “I was like, ‘Oh no.’ I knew it would take some work to […]

Video: Lice Clinics of America Featured on The Doctors

As temperatures dip, more layers are added-gloves, hats and scarves are the norm for kids tracking off to school. Winter weather can also signal a spike in lice infestations amongst school children.  As kids exchange winter apparel, they are also exchanging head lice. Now Lice Clinics of America is offering an alternative to pesticides and […]

Video: Lice Clinics of America ABC News

http://turnto10.com/features/health-landing-page/new-device-kills-head-lice It’s estimated that out of any school, anywhere, three percent of students are walking around with head lice. A new study shows that half the states in the United States, including California, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, have lice populations that are now resistant to permethrin, a chemical used in many over-the-counter treatments. There is […]

Video: Lice Clinics of America CBS news

http://cbsloc.al/1VD4ebP There’s growing concern among parents as “super lice” have been reported. Regular, over-the-counter rinses won’t get rid of these drug-resistant pests, leaving some looking for alternative treatments. Scientists say those lice have mutated so, instead of getting killed by lice shampoos, they keep coming back again and again. As you send your kids back […]

Video: Lice Clinics of America Fox News

    http://fox40.com/2015/08/20/treating-lice-and-new-guidelines/ The CDC estimates that between six and 12 million kids get lice every year. Fox News Sacramento is joined by Eric Heffel and Larry Shield from Lice Clinics of America Sacraments to share treatment options for people infested with head lice.

Video: Head Lice Eggs

  Head lice are parasites that live on humans exclusively.   They are spread from head-to-head by crawling from one head to another head. The real trick with a head lice infestation though is with eggs. A female louse tends to lay about 4-5 eggs every single day right down near the scalp-about 1/4 inch […]

Video: Head Lice

There are three different types of lice: Body lice, pubic lice, and head lice.       Head lice are human host parasites. They live on the head of humans and feed only on human blood.  They need to take a blood meal ever 2-3 hours. They crawl down the hair shaft and get on […]

Video: Can Lice Survive Off The Body?

Technically head lice can survive off a human host but they don’t survive for very long. They need a blood meal every 2-3 hours. If they come off a human head for some reason they will die within 24-48 hours if they cannot get back on to a host.  The longer they are off the […]

News Article: Lice Myths Lice Clinics of America U.S. News and World Report

http://health.usnews.com/health-news/patient-advice/articles/2015/11/25/debunking-super-lice-and-other-myths Debunking Super Lice and Other Myths Head lice are easy to kill. You just need the right information. By Adam Ward Nov. 25, 2015 | 6:00 a.m. EST  For a relatively harmless parasite that can’t survive off its human host very long, the head louse has garnered plenty of unwarranted fear and loathing. Recent […]

Video: Lice Shampoos

When people talk about head lice shampoos, generally what they are talking about is a product that is a shampoo or a cream rinse or a gel or a moose or some other oil type formulation that you mix in with your hair that is used to kill head lice. These products are usually available […]

Video: What is a lice nit?

What is a lice nit?  Nits are head lice eggs. They are laid by a female louse. Between 5-7 a day. They take 8-9 days to hatch. Then they become nymphs then fairly soon they become full blown adults. Nits are glued to a hair shaft the minute the female lays them. They are on […]

Video: How Long Can Lice Live?

Human head lice don’t live very long. Maybe about 40-45 days is their entire life cycle. They need human blood to survive. They feed about every 2-3 hours off the scalp of the head. If they come off the scalp, should that happen, they die within 24-48 hours. They don’t like to come off the […]

Video: Herbal Remedies to Treat Lice

We have seen an increase lately in the number of herbal remedies available on the market to treat head lice. These are generally non-chemical, non-pesticide alternatives that use ingredients such as essential oils like neem oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, lavender, and peppermint. Products that are usually oil based. These are products that are not […]

Video: How Big Are Lice?

How Big Are Lice? Let me divide them into their 3 basic phases Eggs-glued to a hair shaft. Can be confused with dandruff they are so small Nymphs-Between size of an egg and adult Adults-Size of a sesame seed They live right on the scalp so they are hard to see and hard to detect. […]

Video: Lice Combs

Lice combs have been around for tens of thousands of years. They have been found for instance in Egyptian tombs.  Lice combs don’t kill lice but they remove them and they can be very effective in removing head lice. There are basically two different types of lice combs. Plastic combs have short, closely spaced teeth. […]