Popping an Egg After Treatment-A Chicken Does Not Come out of A Hard Boiled Egg

Q: After treatment, we see a few eggs that can be popped. Is there anyway to identify if these nits are dead or alive? 

A: We receive calls after treatment insis

AirAllé successful lice treatment

Before and After an AirAllé Treatment

ting they still have lice because they can pop the egg. There is no way to look at a nit with the naked eye and determine if it is dead or alive.  And although some people claim it does, being able to pop eggs does not mean you have viable eggs that can hatch! Because you received the treatment with the medical device, it is highly likely the eggs are dead and not viable. The best analogy is boiling a hard boiled egg.  You can still crack the egg but a chicken does not come out.

The only two things that should cause any concern after your treatment:

1) If you see a live bug crawling around you have lice again

2) If you see a group of new nits where there was none before