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Top 4 Reasons A Person’s Head Lice Infestation Will Not Go Away Prior to Getting Treated at Our Clinic and Leaving Lice Free:

1) Over-the-counter treatments like RID and NIX do not work. Lice have mutated and have developed a resistance to the chemicals in those products
2) Nitpicking (picking by hand) is subject to human error. Lice eggs are the size of a grain of sand. If you miss one egg, the egg will hatch within about 5 days
3) Not screening all family members.  Based on 5,000 head screens at our two clinics, 80% of the time when a child had lice, the mom has lice. 70% of the time a sibling has lice.  Nannies and grandmother’s are infested about 35% of the time and dad’s 20% of the time.
4) Home remedies such as mayonaiise, olive oil jelly, and kerosene are unproven at best, dangerous at worst.

2 surefire ways to get rid of headlice:
1) Shave the head completely bald. No hair, No Lice! Can be a huge challenge if a mom or your 12 year old daughter has lice!!
2) Get treated at our clinic with the AirAlle medical device. We have a proven 3-step process that has a 99%+ success rate, is kid-friendly, and takes about 1 hour.